初中 & 高中 (pdf)

欢迎来到我们的中学, where academic excellence meets spiritual growth in a vibrant Christian community. Our commitment to nurturing well-being ensures that students thrive in a supportive environment that values their individuality and fosters resilience. 有严格的课程和敬业的教育工作者, 弗里蒙特基督教装备学生,他们需要在学术上脱颖而出的工具, 为他们在大学和以后的成功做准备. 外学者, 我们的基督徒身份影响学校生活的方方面面, 鼓励学生以信念和同情心生活. We understand the importance of parental involvement and actively engage parents through community-building events, fostering partnerships that enrich the educational journey of our students and strengthen the fabric of our school community.



Fremont Christian School has been actively implementing Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ideals since 2010. 更改文本资源和, 最重要的是, professional development over the years since have focused on making this paradigm shift in order to prepare FCS students for success in higher education and careers of the future. Fremont Christian 高中 graduation requirements exceed the University of California admission requirements.

FCS采用了注重深度而非广度的数学课程, 概念上的基础, 最重要的是, 数学概念的处理和应用. 数学实践的CCSS体现在中学数学课程中. 学生们应该解释他们的想法, 演示他们的过程, 要明白,同一个解决方案可能有多条路径, 并在现实世界中应用. Mastery projects allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of math concepts and processes. 三门大学先修课程(AP)提供数学:统计学, 微积分AB, 和微积分BC.

英语 courses continue to reflect the CCSS 英语 Language Arts (ELA) standards through the reading and analysis of key literature of various genres. Students further develop their literacy skills with a continued emphasis on vocabulary development and understanding the role of grammar in conveying the desired meaning. Teachers cultivate clear communication and critical thinking by providing opportunities for students to practice writing for different purposes and audiences. 频繁写作能增强耐力, 信心, and skill while encouraging student to engage in thoughtful and meaningful discourse. 荣誉项目, 荣誉科幻/奇幻文学课程, and an Advanced Placement 英语 Language/Composition course also provide opportunities for students to challenge themselves and hone college-level reading and writing skills.

社会研究 & 科学    
While California content standards and Next Generation 科学 Standards (NGSS) inform content, the CCSS ELA standards also play an integral part in the instruction of social studies and science. CCSS识字标准通过内容教学嵌入 项目很高兴 (引导语言习得设计)教学策略. 科学教学在设备齐全的实验室进行, 课程在数字科学博览会上达到高潮, an event where students from all science classes design and implement a science project and a written report based on their interests. 大学先修课程包括.S. 历史,你.S. 政府,生物和物理.

Bible courses are a required element of our academically rigorous secondary program and continue the concepts taught in 小学,重点是世界观. Summit Ministries’ worldviews curriculum explicitly informs instruction in Bible courses for grades 6, 8, 11 & 12. 七年级的学生主要学习旧约, 九年级读福音书, 还有十年级的道歉课. 无论过程如何,FCS肯定了元叙事 圣经:1. 上帝创造了一切美好的事物. 在创世的时候,万物都是和谐的. 2. At the Fall (Genesis 3), the whole created order fell into disharmony due to the disobedience of man. 3. 在耶稣基督的身上,神开始了救赎和更新的过程. 4. 最后,上帝将通过他的儿子耶稣基督恢复一切.

We believe the biblical metanarrative is manifested in four key relationships of creation. 1. 交通:神与人之间的关系. God created man for relationship with Himself; that relationship was broken because of sin; that relationship is restored through Jesus Christ. 2. 形象承载者:人被造为完整和健康的存在, as an image-bearer of God; sin brought disharmony and conflict into the life and heart of man. 通过耶稣基督的救赎开始了人内心的治愈过程. 3. Servanthood: God created man for harmonious and loving relationships with other people; sin is the cause of disharmony and discord among people; part of restoring mission of Jesus Christ is to bring people back into harmonious relationship with one another. 4. Stewardship: God placed the whole created order under the rule and care of His image-bearers (Genesis 1); with the Fall, the relationship between man and the rest of the created order was marred; In Jesus Christ, God continues to call His image-bearers to work to preserve and protect the created order.

体育、世界语言(西班牙语)等多种多样 美术课程 (choral music, instrumental music, visual art, and theater arts) round out the curriculum. 高级预修课程包括艺术史, 工作室艺术2-D设计, 工作室美术绘图, 西班牙语言与文化, 及计算机原理.


In addition to our core academic program, high school students engage in a two-week 1项 (J-Term), seven days of elective courses culminating in an off-site three-day retreat. 高中教师, 管理员, 其他工作人员, and sometimes parents create and implement high-interest mini-courses that reflect their extracurricular interests and passions. 过去J-Terms的课程包括摄影等, 烹饪, 羽毛球, 电影, 科幻小说, 还有更多. We have found that in addition to offering diverse and engaging electives outside of the core curriculum, J-Term fosters closer relationships between students and between students and staff.



我们的教师教练Jason Perenon教授美国中学.S.U /美联社.S. 从2014年开始在十大博彩公司学习历史. He has served as a volunteer staff member of student ministries at Redwood Christian Community Church since 2002.

Mr. 佩雷农拥有历史学学士学位,主修美国历史.S. 历史和冷战,来自东湾的加州州立大学. In 2022, he completed a Master of Arts in teaching leadership at Saint Mary’s College of California, which consisted of a Practical Action research project that explored how teachers create a safe space within their classroom environments to encourage community and learning. The primary focus was how students who identified with learning complexities respond to the safe space and become part of the learning community in the classroom. 历时一年的项目成果于2022年8月公布.    

确诊为诵读困难症患者. Perenon approaches the classroom environment as a learning community and sees school itself as a family unit.